The Science Museum enters the Information Age

I wrote the following blog for the Science Museum’s Stories from the Stores blog. You can access the full article using the link below.

Today the Science Museum announced exciting details about its ground breaking new communications gallery, Information Age, which will open in September 2014.

The gallery will be a celebration of information and communication technologies. We’re already working on the cutting edge interactive displays and innovative participative experiences that will reveal personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by communication innovations over the last 200 years. Hundreds of unique objects from the Science Museum’s collections will go on display, many of which have never been seen before. They will include the BBC’s first radio transmitter 2LO, the BESM-6, the only Russian supercomputer in a museum collection in the West, and a full sized communications satellite.

Laying the first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1858 proved to be a tricky challenge to overcome. (Source: Science Museum / SSPL)

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